Welcome to Element v2.  We're a v5919 server with mid-range rates. Here at Element we try our best to keep the player in mind and keep everything as fair as possible. We have a large variety of different features along with a few custom things. What sort of custom things you ask? Things like HP bars and our very own bossing system. Interested yet? I sure hope so! We hope you enjoy your elemental experience.

Justin - Hello, I am one of two programmers for this project. I started Conquer back during Beta (around 2004?). It didn't really spark my interest until sometime in 2006. My friend Brian talked me into trying Qonquer PvP and ever since then I've wanted to make my very own server. I opened my first public server in 2008 (CoReborn) and here I am today.

Tanel - Hey, I am the second programmer of this server. I have been the main programmer in projects such as Co-Est X, Lands of the Forgotten, Epic CO, each time refining my programming skills. And now I am using these skills to bring to you the best CO private server there could possibly be.

Sarah - Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm a [PM] on Element. My domain is managing the server from the in-game perspective (helping players, disciplining botters, and all that good stuff), and I'm almost always available, so if you need anything in game, feel free to whisper me on Harumi!